Even though digital nomads are not a new concept, the popularity of this way of working has exploded in the past several years as a consequence of the pandemic. The usual 9 to 5 jobs have become more flexible and some have decided to use this opportunity to travel and see the world. 

While exploring the destinations ideal for remote work, there are several factors that should be considered, such as digital nomad legislation of the country, accessibility of the city, proximity to other destinations and cost of living. 

Europe is for sure an ideal place for a digital nomad adventure, with some of the well-known digital nomad friendly cities such as Berlin and Barcelona. But in case you’re looking for a less hyped-up alternative that covers all the mentioned factors and is one of the most beautiful European destinations, we’ve got some great news for you! 

Split might be just the place you were looking for. Wonder why? Read on!

Meet the city of Split

The second largest city in Croatia is a real star of the Adriatic coast. Centuries old history and architecture, fantastic local gastronomy, buzzing nightlife, incredible nature and beaches, proximity to the most popular Croatian islands, a well-connected international airport… the reasons why Split attracts millions of tourists each year are plenty.

But the city is also a trending destination for digital nomads from around the world, as Croatia has recently introduced a legislation that solved all previous issues regarding the legality of staying and working in the country for remote workers. This has allowed the digital nomad scene to flourish, together with the opening of many co-working spaces and accommodation options for nomads. 

One more thing that attracts nomads to Split is the cost of living, which is significantly lower compared to the major European cities.


Coworking Spaces in Split for Digital Nomads

There are several options for your temporary office in Split. If you find a nice place to stay, you can always work from home, but there are also several coworking options in the city, as well as plenty of super cozy cafes to work from too. 

Some of our top picks for coworking spaces in Split are: 

  • Saltwater Nomads is one of the most popular spots in town for digital nomads, with a great community-like feel, private and shared offices as well as the beach-office during summer months. Expect a monthly fee of 160€ to 300€, depending on a desired plan and options.
  • The Works is another good quality coworking space, characterized by a blend of international remote workers and locals who work remotely, mostly in start-ups. The place is open 24-7, features modern trendy facilities, high-speed wifi, and around 30 people desk space. Monthly fee from 200€ to 260€. 
  • Split Meridien Ten will be an ideal spot if you’re looking for a more cozy and comfortable working environment compared to most shared offices, by both design and a small community of coworkers. Monthly plans start from 140€, but the price decreases for long-term members. 

Digital Nomad Accommodation Options in Split

As Split is a big tourist destination, accommodation options are numerous, so your pick will be limited just by your budget. From low-cost hostels to 5* hotels, and from shared apartments to almost palatial private residences for rent, Split has it all. 

Coworking spaces in Split, Croatia.

Apart from this, it is a relatively big city so you will also have to pick the right neighbourhood for you. To fully experience living in Split and use all that it has to offer, try to choose the downtownarea if your budget allows it.

Our recommendation for digital nomads in Split are Luxury Rooms Nirvana, located in the heart of the city, just several blocks from the ancient UNESCO Heritage Diocletian’s Palace, town’s popular beach Bačvice and the Marjan forest park. The rooms are a great option since they do offer privacy and perfect location, and will not be as expensive as some other alternatives in Split.

No matter which coworking space and accommodation you choose, we’re sure you’ll have a blast during your stay here!