Although working and vacation don’t seem to go hand in hand, it is actually a good way to travel while saving time and money. After you finish with your daily work tasks, there is still enough time to explore new destinations, try some delicious food or even go for a short trip. You are also rather flexible when it comes to departure and arrival dates and the length of your stay. It is particularly handy if you are going on a working vacation in Split, Croatia because you will want to extend your stay for as long as possible! 

Where to work while on vacation in Split?

The answer depends on each person’s preferences. Some like to work in a quiet office all alone or even from a hotel room, while others love to have company and prefer the open spaces.

Houses and buildings in the Split city in Croatia.

There are many coworking spaces in Split, as the city itself has become one of the favourite locations of digital nomads in Croatia. You can rent a private or common desk on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and even book a meeting room. They have all kinds of working equipment, such as sitting and standing desks, ergonomic chairs, external computer equipment like monitors and printers and many other things that might come in handy while working remotely. There are also many hotels and apartments with designated work spaces.

If you prefer a relaxed and cheerful working atmosphere, there are numerous cafes and bars where you can sit through your working hours and get the job done. Some of them provide the unique pleasure of working on a beach or by the sea and, if the weather is nice, you can go for a swim during the break!

View of the city Split and a blue sky and sea in Croatia.

When to go on a working vacation in Split?

Whenever! The weather is almost always nice and there are a lot of things to see and do in Split. The only thing you might find somewhat difficult is finding a place to stay or a quiet beach area during the summer, when the city is full of tourists.

You can enjoy the beautiful beaches and sea all year round. Because of the mild Mediterranean climate, the air and sea temperatures can be pleasant even in winter. It is no surprise to see people bathing and doing water sports any time of the year, particularly on the Bačvice beach, where the sea is shallow and therefore warmer. So much so that the locals traditionally play a game called picigin there on the New Year’s day!

Colorful Split evening and view of the Riva and sea.

What to do in Split?

Besides the summer joys at the beach, like swimming and sunbathing, there is plenty to do in Split. Start your sightseeing by visiting the historic landmarks such as Diocletian’s Palace and Cathedral of Saint Domnius, both of which are a part of the Historical Complex of Split that is included on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. If you are an art fan, you must go to the Meštrović Gallery. The unique museum holds hundreds of works of the most prominent Croatian sculptor, Ivan Meštrović, in a building he designed himself!

Before or after the cultural sites, have a meal at one of the many restaurants or go for drinks at bars filled with lively music. The parties are at their peak during the summer, especially around the  famous Ultra Europe Music Festival that is held in Split in the beginning of July, but they hardly ever stop.

Where to stay in Split?

Hotel room in center of Split with king size bed and a city view.

If you are going on a working vacation in Split, you will probably want to stay in a place where you can get a good rest so you are prepared for the work assignments as well as the exploring this beautiful town. Our suggestion is the Central Heritage Hotel, located in the very centre of the town, just a few minutes walking distance from the Diocletian’s Palace and the cathedral and close to many restaurants and bars. Each room has a desk and a great view of the historic part of the town, which will make your work tasks at least a bit easier to resolve!

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