All of those who are looking for a beach to go swimming and sunbathing or taking up recreational and fun activities should definitely visit Split and the beautiful Žnjan Beach. It is a place where both tourists and locals enjoy spending their days and nights, no matter the season. Žnjan Beach offers its visitors the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure, suitable both for a day trip or a longer vacation.

Location and accessibility

Žnjan Beach is located in and named after the Split neighbourhood Žnjan. Its location is very convenient – close to the city centre, as well as its outskirts. It is the largest city beach and one of the most popular ones in Split. It is no wonder, considering the crystal clear sea and the beautiful pebble shore. The small, smooth pebbles will give you a natural massage when walking along the beach barefoot or lying on a towel and sunbathing. 

Besides it being spacious, clean and beautiful, another big advantage of Žnjan Beach is its huge and free parking space. Despite the popularity among the locals and tourists, it hardly ever happens that you cannot find an available parking spot, even in the summer. The same goes for the beach itself; you can find enough free space for a beach towel or a sun lounger all summer long, at almost any time of the day. If you don’t have a car, you can also take two local buses from the Old Town of Split that drive directly to Žnjan Beach!

View of the stones and yacht of the Žnjan city beach in Split.

Relaxation and activities

The Žnjan Beach is a perfect place for sunbathing and swimming, but also for a variety of other summer activities and adventures. For example, you can play beach volleyball or rent jet-skis, parasails and pedal boats and explore the shore even further while having fun. If you prefer staying on the land, there is a trail all around the beach for walking, cycling, rollerblading and similar recreational activities. The children can enjoy their time at the Žnjan Beach as well. The big playground, a number of ice cream stands and many peers to play with will surely make them happier! The parents don’t have to worry about dangerous waves or currents, as the beach is quite safe, despite not being shallow like Bačvice Beach.

Žnjan pebble beach with a small boat and a suft dask.

If you prefer relaxation, there are many cafes, beach bars, food stands and restaurants near the coast where you can have a coffee, cocktail or another drink of your choice and grab a little something to eat when you get hungry. At night, many of the cafes and bars at Žnjan Beach turn into clubs where the music and dancing prolongs until the next morning. 

Although Žnjan Beach is the busiest in the summertime, it doesn’t mean that it is empty for the rest of the year. On the contrary, the locals and tourists take up every opportunity to hang out in one of the bars or restaurants, do sports or walk the trail along the coast that leads all the way to Bačvice Beach, from where you can continue the walk further to the centre of the city!

Accommodation near Žnjan Beach

Accommodation near Žnjan beach in the Split with a king side bed and TV.

Because of its good position, you will have many different options for finding an accommodation close to the Žnjan Beach in Split. However, if you would also like to be near other attractions and landmarks, a suitable place to stay would be towards or in the Old Town centre. You would be within walking distance from all the amazing things in the heart of the city and also the bus stop from which you can easily reach Žnjan Beach. Comfortable and peaceful Nirvana Luxury Rooms will provide everything you need for a pleasant stay in Split, whichever season you choose for your vacation!

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