Split has many things to offer its visitors, but local beaches are certainly among the most popular options during summer. And there is plenty to choose from, as well! Sandy or pebble beaches; peace and quiet, lively music or a little bit of both worlds; sunbathing or hiding in the shade… Whatever you prefer, you can find the perfect match in one or more beaches located just minutes from Split’s centre.

Kašjuni – swimming between Marjan and Čiovo

Kašjuni Beach is named after the local neighbourhood Kašjuni, but it is not certain where that name came from. One (more likely) theory says Kašjuni were named after the local castle and the word was changed through time from its Roman origin, the other theory states the name was derived from the Church of Saint Cassian which was located there many years ago. 

Kašjuni Beach is beautifully positioned and it is one of the best beaches in Split, between the Marjan peninsula and the island of Čiovo, yet still close to the centre of Split. Precisely, a mere 3.6 kilometres. It is a few stops away from the town’s centre by local bus and the car or taxi ride will take about 15 minutes. If you choose to go by car, not only can you easily access the Kašjuni Beach, you also have free parking. 

Kasjuni beach view of Ciovo island and blue sea and sky.

A little something for everyone

Beautiful, clean, peaceful pebble beach is how most of the Tripadvisor users described Kašjuni Beach in their reviews. There is enough space in the sun, there is also natural shadow provided by many trees and the beach position itself. While swimming, lying on your towels or the sun beds that are available for rent, you can enjoy the view of Marjan hill or the island of Čiovo, depending on which side you are facing at the moment. In case you want to change clothes or wash, the changing cabins and showers are located at a few places on the beach.

You don’t need to go to the Kašjuni Beach by yourself, there is a separate beach area where your dogs can join the fun as well! The official Kašjuni dog beach is separated from the rest by ​​rocks so you and your pet can enjoy time together without disturbances.

Some like soaking up the sun and swimming, others prefer active holidays. Luckily, at Kašjuni Beach you can have all of it. The pebble part of the beach ends in beautiful cliffs from which you can jump, if you dare. Careful, however, it is not as simple as it seems. Jumping from great heights puts stress on your body and climbing the cliffs is dangerous without the right equipment. If you decide to go cliff jumping and deep water soloing, make sure you do it safely and with supervision.

Kašjuni dog friendly beach in Split.

Bars and restaurants

You can’t miss Joe’s Beach Bar & Lounge, with its cabanas and sunbeds, located almost directly by the sea. They offer various beverages, from coffee to cocktails, and even though they are not a restaurant, you can find something to eat as well. You will find more food and drinks options as you head towards the centre of Split.


Nearby Marjan hill has plenty to offer when it comes to sightseeing. You can have a pleasant walk along the park trail, seeing some beautiful monuments such as St. Jerome’s Church. From Marjan’s Peak you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Split, the sea and the nearby islands. Heading towards the town’s centre you can stop and visit the Museum and the gallery of Ivan Meštrović, a famous Croatian sculptor. 

Accommodation near Kašjuni Beach

As Split is a popular tourist destination, finding accommodation can be quite hard. As beautiful as Kašjuni Beach is, it can seem a bit secluded when it comes to social events. However, it is easily accessible via various modes of transportation. Staying in the town’s centre, for example in Central Square Heritage Hotel or Nirvana Luxury Rooms, and heading for a day at the beach to Kašjuni seems like the perfect combination.

Be near the many events happening every day and night, various bars and restaurants, and yet close to a peaceful and clean beach. Search and book your stay and enjoy the variety of what Split has to offer.

Luxury accommodation in Split Croatia near center.

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